Training Industry Magazine is an award-winning magazine that publishes issues quarterly with additional Special Edition issues released twice a year. I serve as the art…

An infographic created for CrossKnowledge to highlight the importance of digital readiness to avoid crisis. This piece adhered to the client’s brand guidelines. The initial…

Little Dragon Sigur Rós Ray LaMontagne Cat Power Poliça Neko Case   Radio    

Type love sites: Melbourne Dance Company Josip Kelava Design: Franz Fässler Type Hunting by Jonathan Pinterest          

Arrested Development THX 1138 LOST No Country for Old Men Being John Malkovich The Life Aquatic Tom Goes to the Mayor      

Re-designed the 1970s Time-Life London travel book. Branded the city to appeal to a present-day audience.

The iPad layout for Time-Life London which includes sound, video, and web functions.

The post folk-rock band, Aged Exploration, was branded by fusing two music genres together. Album artwork, a poster and pins were created in this campaign.

The image was formed to convey the essence of an object in space over time. A figure rooted in motion is surrounded by particles arranged…

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